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Pregnancy Physio, Fitness and Pilates Package

Come along and join us for our comprehensive 10-week pregnancy package - We are health professionals who have trained extensively in the area of pregnancy and post natal recovery. We understand the need for quality, effective, evidence-based care. This package will guide you through the pregnancy fitness & well-being repertoire that LiveWell has become known for. Local midwives and GP's regularly recommend these classes to expectant Mum's.

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The current set of classes started on Monday 1st April. The current package comprises of 8 1-hour classes, secondary to how the public holidays fall in the first half of 2019. If you are keen to join the classes, please contact us as it may be possible to join the classes once they have already started, if a space becomes available. The way the classes are taught, combined with closed FB group support, means that it is entirely possible to join after the start date and experience all of the benefits!

The next set of classes will be a SHORT COURSE taster of our movement classes starting on Monday 10th June at 6pm. These classes will enable participants to experience the benefits of our specially tailored exercise repertoires designed by LiveWell founder and Women's Health Chartered Physiotherapist, Laura Carroll. This short course will not have the online component available, but participants will have some educational video format information shared with them.

The next full package course is due to start on 13th August. Please see below - booking early is advisable to avoid disappointment. This class is exceptionally popular, booking is essential.

We look forward to welcoming you to the renowned LiveWell pregnancy package and if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@livewellwaterford.ie or on 051 821393.

LiveWell in Motion Classes: Pilates and Yoga

Our LiveWell in Motion 5-Week Short Course of Combined Pilates and Yoga Flow is underway!

These classes are held on Tuesday's at 6pm, 7.15pm and 8.20pm. These classes combine pilates & yoga elements in every class, but then specifically provide a yoga focus one week - with Emilyrose, our wellbeing therapist, and then provide a pilates focus the following week with LiveWell founder, Laura Carroll. These classes started on Tuesday 28th May, but please get in touch if you would like to join in for the remainder of classes! The feedback for these classes has been excellent!

NOTE: Our yoga flow classes with wellbeing therapist, Emilyrose, have been going extremely well with fabulous feedback! We are now launching our 4 week short course starting on 31st May - please see booking option below!

The first yoga flow class on 31st May can be booked separately at booking link below - all proceeds go to Noah's Wish to Walk! Or, if you wish to sign up for all four classes, we will simply ensure that your first class proceeds are given to Noah's Wish to Walk.

Please get in touch if you are new to LiveWell and are unsure which class would be best for you. We recommend newcomers to LiveWell to attend our FOUNDATION package or any of our pop-up classes that become available from time to time. Please do get in touch if you have any queries at info@livewellwaterford.ie or on 051821393.

For the Mums - Physio, Fitness and Pilates Package!

Come along to our most popular 10 week package to feel informed and empowered about how to restore your core! Exercise always makes us feel good, BUT to know that the exercise is actually targeting all the correct areas is the recipe for success! This package is taught by experts in the field of pregnancy and post natal physiotherapy & fitness and includes extensive online support via members only closed Facebook Group. We answer all those questions about exercise, the pelvic floor and mummy tummy and help you recover, restore and strengthen! Whether you are 6 weeks, 6 months, 6 years or 20 years post-natal, this class is for you! It is never too late to complete your post natal restorative exercise. Click on the book now button below to find out about all the package benefits!

Take a look at our FB page reviews to see how baby friendly we are and what other Mums thought!

We have now completed our Jan - March sets of classes and have just launched our APRIL - JUNE classes. Please see below to book! These are our very popular classes, so please do book to avoid disappointment. If you don't see any booking option, this is simply because we have already started the class package - please do get in touch to enquire, as we may be able to offer a space to you! Given that the set has started, our administration assistant - Fiona - would need to process this for you. You can reach Fiona by emailing info@livewellwaterford.ie or calling 051821393.

If you see the word 'WAIT' beside the booking, this means that the class is full. We may open additional classes subject to demand, so please enter your details to the wait list if you would like to be given priority to book another core restore class time when it opens! We do open a second evening class and a second morning core restore class if we notice that people are interested and have entered their details into our waiting list - please help us by also emailing us at info@livewellwaterford.ie and noting if it is a morning mum & baby or evening (no children) class you are interested in!

Baby Massage Classes

Come and learn the art of nurturing touch with your little one, and we'll welcome you into the LiveWell hub where we really strive to create a calming and relaxing space for you, whereby you can leave feeling both relaxed and energised!

Baby massage and nurturing touch can help aid your baby's physical and emotional development. It can also help ease their colic, teething, wind or constipation discomforts while strengthening your bond at the same time. It is a wonderful time to get one on one time with your baby and really see the enjoyment and relaxation you can achieve for them through your touch.

Our next set of classes start at the end of May! Please see below for booking. The next set after this will be in mid-August/September. Booking early is advisable to avoid disappointment.

If you have any questions/queries regarding any of the above, please don't hesitate to get in touch at info@livewellwaterford.ie or call 051 821393. We look forward to speaking with you!