Harvest Talks

1pm: Harvest Lunch Time Talks

Please complete this form if you have booked a space in our lunch time talks event. Completion of this form secures your space at the event. We will be discussing pregnancy wellbeing & post-natal recovery, child development (early years) and chatting about the #KindWaterford intiative. A concept of optimising physical & mental wellbeing - for Mum & all the family. By telling us a little bit about yourself, it helps us pitch the information to your needs - or let us know if you have any burning questions for us!
  • Is there anything in particular that attracted you to these talks? Please let us know! And if you have any questions related to our advertised topics that you would like us to make sure that we answer, then tell us here & we'll make sure that we do! This is going to be a wonderful workshop full of information and a taster of the workshops due to be hosted at LiveWell in the very near future.
  • Harvest Photography Informed Consent

    Please note that this is a Free Promotional Event. For publicity purposes, LiveWell Waterford and other Waterford Harvest Festival media partners, including local newspapers, may wish to take photos/videos during the scheduled events of the Harvest 'LiveWell' Day. This includes in the class setting. These photos/videos will be used for media purposes by LiveWell Waterford & Waterford Harvest Festival and on the LiveWell Website, publications and/or social media associated with LiveWell Waterford and/or the promotion of future Harvest Festival Events.