Three types of specifically designed Pilates class,
all delivered by a chartered physiotherapist.

Pilates is a form of exercise which focuses on movement from a central core of stability and emphasises the importance of correct alignment of the body. By concentrating on breathing control and coordination of mind and body, it aims to correct abnormal patterns of movement, improve our posture and enhance functional and sporting performance. Through regular practice, it can also be very beneficial in the reduction of aches and pains, especially back pain, and can improve flexibility, mobility, balance and co-ordination.

At LiveWell, our classes are small, physiotherapist-led, and assisted by LiveWell’s Well-being therapist, this gives peace of mind that the exercises are progressed safely and that you have been screened appropriately prior to starting exercise with us.

Our next set of classes are:

Baby massage – Wednesday 7th August at 10 am (5 weeks set)

Pregnancy Classes – Thursday 8th August at 6 pm (4 weeks set)

Core restore Classes – Thursday 8th August at 7.15 pm (4 weeks set)

We are also pleased to announce that the September classes are now live for booking.

Please find class details and booking section below.

General Pilates

Optimise your posture, core stability and fitness

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Ante-natal Pilates

Optimise your posture and fitness for labour

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Post-natal Pilates

Regain your inner strength and fitness after child birth

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